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Ransomware attacks more common than ever

While hackers have a growing number of attack strategies to put businesses at risk, one of the most common and costly is ransomware. And ransomware attacks don’t seem to be going anywhere: According to a new report from Beazley, the number of ransomware attacks has risen by 32 percent since August.

Ransomware hackers use one of any number of methods to install malware onto a network. Users get locked out of the victimized network until the owner of the network pays a ransom, often in anonymous cryptocurrency. Ransomware attacks are becoming more common because of the ease with which hackers can target multiple networks at once. In addition, the high costs associated with such a business disruption causes many businesses to quickly cave and pay the ransom.

Even a small attack can cost your business thousands of dollars. Keep these best practices in mind to secure your network and ensure your business stays up and running:

  • Determine how long your businesses can function without access to its network. The answer will give you some sense of how long you have to respond to an attack.
  • Establish a protocol for software updates. With enough time, hackers can break through even the newest software. However, turning on automatic updates or establishing a program will ensure you have the newest security fixes from software developers.
  • Keep physical backups of critical data. Many businesses take online data storage for granted and are helpless once a ransomware attack locks their critical information away. Make sure to store your most important data physically, such as on a USB or hard drive.

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