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About Us

Trustpoint Insurance, LLC was established in 2006 by Robert Iocco (pictured right) and John Marco Warner (pictured left).  Both men have a passion to bring big insurance service to small and medium businesses.  “Every business is big for its owners and employees and deserves full attention from those providing it goods and service.” – Robert F. Iocco

What Different Looks Like:

Trustpoint Insurance is an independent boutique insurance agency representing clients throughout the United States and abroad.  Our headquarters in Roanoke, VA with office locations in Bristol, TN – Charlottesville, VA – Richlands, VA – Lynchburg, VA.

At the heart of Trustpoint’s solutions-based approach i sloyal partnerships.  We strive to be a trusted advisor, serving our clients as an extension of their team.  We provide solutions that reduce time, resources and anxiety spent on protecting the assets they care about.

We are committed to executing a plan that allows safe and sustainable growth for our client’s businesses.  We know this can only happen in partnerships where we listen intently to problems and suggestions and work as a collaborative team.  We know from 16 years of experience this model is what simplifies the process of both purchasing and managing insurance.

Trustpoint’s success is made possible by strategic partnerships with various insurance markets we represent.  Serevice must be an experience, not an idea so we make it a point to leverage the relationships we have with our insurance carriers to provide the best products and services we feel the market has to offer.  We also understand the necessity for the ease of doing business and it’s ingrained in our culture.  Our experienced staff and our evolving service plans get to the heart of what matters most to each of our clients, allowing us to be ahead of the curve.  We round this by reinvesting heavily on the most useful technology and risk management services to make life simpler for our clients, always offering 24/7 portal access to cleint’s documentation.  Don’t just take our word for it, reach out tday and experience the difference.

The legacies set forth by former family owned agencies have inspired the current leadership of Trustpoint Insurance to continue that same commitment to the communities in which they are located.  This alone has made Trustpoint Insurance a leader in the insurance industry both in Virginia and throughout the southeastern United States. The history, heritage and dedication formed through decades of loyal service to the insureds and the continuation of this high quality of standards by Trustpoint Insurance, LLC has formed a solid foundation from which Trustpoint Insurance, LLC now grows.

An Independent Advantage

We are independent Agents, free to choose the best carrier for your insurance needs.  We do not work for an insurance company; we work for you.  We work on your side when you have a loss and follow through to see that you get fair and propmt payment andservice.  Trustpoint Insurance represents a carefully selected group of financially strong and repututable insurance companies.  therefore, we are able to offer you the best coverage at the most competitive price.

What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

When you decide to buy a car, you wouldn’t purchase the first one you seee. What if one day the automobile industry decided to make only one type of car, one make and one model. You wouldn’t have a choice!

The same situation holds true for insurance. You need insurance to drive a car, purchase a house, to protect your family’s fnancial future and to run a small business. But if there was only one insurance company that offered only one type of insurance you wouldn’t have a choice. The only solution would be going to that one company.

With an independent insurance agent, you have choices. Independent agents are not tied to any one insurance company. One of the advantages of using an independent agent is that he or she works to satisfy your needs. You are using an expert for an important financial decision. An independent agent has several companies that he or she can approach to get you the best coverage at the best price. And your independent agent will know the companies with the most efficient claims departments to recoer your losses as quickly as possible.

When you buy insurance, you want an advocate who will properly assess the risks you face an give you an objective analysis of the marketplace, because it’s up to you to make the final choice.

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