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Bob Iocco

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In 1987 Bob graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BSBA major in Accounting. He has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1989 and a Certified Insurance Counselor since 1995.   Bob Iocco, began his career with as an CPA with a national accounting firm and after that spent fifteen years with a national insurance broker. In 2006 Bob launched Trustpoint Insurance as a vehicle to deliver high quality risk management services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. He has carried his moral priorities respectfully to the organization in the order of God, Family and Work. Bob is a believer in thinking outside of the box, bringing creative solutions organizationally in a timely manner which has enabled the agency to be ahead of the curve when meeting client needs. This has created the basis for partnerships that go beyond being just an insurance agency or agent that Trustpoint’s clients appreciate most.   Bob has served on agency councils for many insurance companies and is a board member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Virgina.
Bob has been married to his college sweetheart since 2006 and has three children and four grandchildren. He loves spending his spare time with family especially at the beach, hiking or playing chess. He enjoys volunteering at church and been on several construction oriented mission trips to Mexico and Bolivia.